Eliminate busywork from faculty merit & promotion

ScholarSteps is the simplest way to review your faculty.

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Tailor your process

One size does not fit all in merit, promotion, and tenure. We partner with you to create a digital workflow that embodies your academic personnel policies.

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Connect reviewers

Faculty, committees, deans, academic senate, and central offices all work together online to provide recommendations and reach a final decision.

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Cut training time

Guide departments with easy-to-follow steps. ScholarSteps provides just-in-time instructions and notifications to keep cases moving forward.

Digitize Every Process

Academic Recalls
Midcareer Assessments
Fifth Year Reviews
Excellence Reviews
Postdoctoral Scholars

What is ScholarSteps?

ScholarSteps is flexible workflow-based faculty review software that goes beyond basic routing and approvals. Designed to support the largest R1 universities, each step is customized to ensure that policy is followed consistently across your university. Staff analysts and faculty drive the process, seeking recommendations and decisions from department faculty, dean, academic senate, and central offices along the way. When something isn't right or a committee needs additional information, easily send a case back to a previous level. Access to confidential information is provided to the right people at the right time thanks to an enterprise permission system designed for large and distributed universities.

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